Chinese Wonton Soup(g)- Thin wonton wrap with marinated pork and shrimp filling in a flavorful soup with fresh baby spinach scallion.

Chinese Egg Drop Soup(g)-A traditional favorite cooked to order with fresh eggs and scallions.

Chinese Hot & Sour Soup- Peppery and sour is the attraction of this soup with tofu, fresh & wood mushrooms, bamboo shoots, shredded carrots, fresh eggs and scallions.

Chinese Spinach Tofu Soup(g)- A healthy treat, silken soft tou and baby spinach in a clear broth.

Thai Seafood Tum Yum Soup(g)- Jumbo shrimp, scallop and crabsticks & calamari perfectly cooked with blend of thai herbs in s spicy flavored broth with cilantro basil and mushroom.

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup(Tom Kha Gai)- Chicken & mushroom cooked in a creamy, spicy, Thai herb coconut curry soup with cilantro and lime leaves.

Japanese Seaweed Miso Tofu Soup(g)- Fresh mushroom silken tofu and wakame seaweed in a miso soy soup sprinkled with scallion

Thai Beef & Cucumber Salad (It’s Like A Meal)(g)- Sliced medium rare beef tenderloin tossed with red onion cilantro tomato and fresh lime juice and fish sauce. served on a bed of mixed green salad

Spicy Thai Shrimp Glass Noodles Salad (It’s Like A Meal)(g)-Jumbo shrimp, glass noodles, red onion, cilantro, cucumber, tomato, fresh lime juice and fish sauce. Served over a fresh salad mix and sprinkled with a dash of red chili powder

Japanese Seaweed Salad – Classic seaweed salad on a bed of cucumber

Japanese Volcano Salad (From Our Sushi Bar)- Shredded cucumber, crabsticks seasoned with a light soy dressing and topped with spicy shrimp sauce

Mandarin Salad (Plain or w/ Grill Chicken)(g)- Manadarin oranges and toasted almonds served on top of a baby spring mix and lettuce serve with homemade Asian vinaigrette

Lemongrass Chicken Rice Noodle Salad(It’s Like a Meal)(g)- Lemongrass marinated grilled chiken served on top of a bed of lettuce and rice noodles with a tangy vietnamese dressing on the side

House Garden Salad (Choice of House Ginger Dressing, Ranch, Asian Vinaigrette, Shrimp Sauce)

Tuna Martini Salad

Squid Cucumber Seaweed Salad

Cucumber Crabstick Salad